::Press January 2, 2004


Washington D.C., January 2, 2004 – Moments to Remember, an award-winning public radio series kicks off Black History Month with Moments to Remember: African-American Destinations. Each two-minute segment takes listeners on a journey to historic African-American neighborhoods, homes, monuments and other cultural landmarks. The entire series highlights over 270 people and places that helped to build the foundation of our nation from the 1800s to the present. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., award- winning author and chair of the Afro-American studies department at Harvard University is the host of this radio series. In February, Dr. Gates will also host the PBS television series “America Beyond the Color Line.”

“For hundreds of years, black communities have made rich contributions to the overall growth of the United States. We’ll give listeners a glimpse of these fascinating communities and landmarks, past and present,” said Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

“We hope to create more awareness about the importance of visiting and preserving the numerous historical treasures in African-American communities nationwide. African-American heritage tours are becoming very popular among travelers worldwide. Our goal is to encourage radio listeners to visit these sites because they are a very important part of our history and culture,” said Donna Limerick, Executive Producer.

30 cities…coast to coast...from Boston to Seattle are featured on Moments to Remember: African-American Destinations. Some of the stops along the way are:
Historic Neighborhoods, including Africatown (Mobile, AL) established in the 1800s; The Pleasant Hill Historic District (Macon, GA), built by black carpenters and brick masons in the late 1800s; the Auburn Historic area (Atlanta, GA) featuring the birthplace, church and gravesite of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Important Cultural Landmarks, including The Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center (Baltimore, MD); The Apollo Theater (New York, NY); 18th and Vine in Kansas City, MO; the Motown Historical Museum (Detroit, MI) and the Lorraine Hansberry Theater (San Francisco, CA).

Historic Homes of famous people, including The Marion Anderson, Paul Robeson, John Coltrane and Pearl Bailey residences (Philadelphia, PA); the Medgar Evers residence (Jackson, MS); The Scott Joplin House (St. Louis, MO).

Moments to Remember is also featured on Africana.com. Africana’s web-site on AOL provides extensive content about black culture, news and the arts.

Moments to Remember was created by executive producer, Donna Limerick. Limerick is the former producer of Horizons, National Public Radio’s award winning documentary series. Under her direction the series won more than 125 major broadcasting awards. The Moments radio series is produced by North Star Communications, a radio production and syndication company based in Washington, D.C.

Moments to Remember is currently broadcast on 125 public radio stations and via the Armed Forces Radio Network (AFRN) in 17 foreign countries. Check local public radio station listings for air times. Major funding is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.