Part Twelve - Photographs

Robert Weaver
First black United States cabinet member, 1966 Photo Courtesy: LBJ Library, Photo by Yoichi Okamoto

Douglas Wilder
(1931- )
First black governor, 1990 Photo Courtesy: Office of Lawrence Douglas Wilder

Carol Moseley-Braun
(1947- )
First black woman senator, 1993 Photo Courtesy: U.S. Congress

Colin Powell
(1937- )
First black Secretary of State, 2001 Photo Courtesy: U.S. Dept. of State

Robert Johnson
(1946- )
Founder of first black television cable network (BET), 1980
Photo Courtesy: Fortune Magazine

Mary Church Terrell
20th century civil rights and women rights activist Photo Courtesy: National Archives

W.E.B. Du Bois
20 th century writer, social scientist, and intellectual Photo Courtesy:National Archives

Shirley Graham Du Bois
First black woman to produce an all black opera, 1932 Photo Courtesy: Shomburg Research Center

Alaine Locke
First black to receive a Rhodes Scholarship, 1907 Photo Courtesy: National Portrait Gallery

John Hope Franklin
(1915- )
African American history scholar, educator

Charles Follis
First black professional football player, 1902 Photo Courtesy: Wayne County Public Library

Frederick “Fritz” Pollard
First black NFL head coach, 1921 Photo Courtesy: African American Registry

Arthur Shell
(1946- )
Second black NFL head coach, 1989 Photo Courtesy: National Football League

Willie Thrower
First black professional quarterback, 1953 Photo Courtesy: CNN-Sports Illustrated

Ernie Davis
First black Heisman Trophy winner, 1961 Photo Courtesy: African American Registry

Richard Wright
Novelist, author of Native Son, 1940 Photo Courtesy: National Archives

James Baldwin
Novelist, essayist, playwright Photo Courtesy: University of Illinois

Ralph Ellison
Novelist, author of Invisible Man, 1953 Photo Courtesy: National Archives

Alex Haley
Novelist, author of Roots, 1977
Photo Courtesy: IOKTS Archives-G

Toni Morrison
(1931- )
First black woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, 1993
Photo Courtesy: The Nobel Foundation

Octavia Butler
(1947- )
First black woman to publish science fiction novels, 1975
Photo Courtesy: University of Buffalo

Josephine Baker
International star, known as the “Black Venus” Photo Courtesy: Embassy of France

Katherine Dunham
Founder of the first black modern dance company, 1940
Photo Courtesy: Katherine Dunham Foundation

Dorothy Dandridge
First black to receive an Academy Award nomination as best actress, 1954 Photo Courtesy: National Archives

Sammy Davis, Jr.,
Hollywood actor, comedian, singer, and dancer Photo Courtesy: Library of Congress, Van Vechten

Bill Cosby
(1937- )
First black actor to win an Emmy award, 1965 Photo Courtesy: IOKTS Archives, Photographer G.Theodore Catherine

Berry Gordy, Jr.
(1929- )
Founder of Motown Records, 1959 Photo Courtesy: Motown Records

Earl Graves
(1935- )
Founder of first black business magazine, Black Enterprise, 1970 Photo Courtesy: University of Virginia-Robertson Media Center

Percy Sutton
(1920- )
Founder of Inner City Broadcasting Corporation, 1971
Photo Courtesy: Resource Association International

Cathy Hughes
(1947- )
Founder of Radio One, Inc., 1979 Photo Courtesy: